Our Story

A boy and a girl who met across the sea. He's a Canadian and she's an American, and together they've made 4 little miracles--2 on this side of Heaven and 2 on the other. They've weathered a lot of storms and basked in even greater sunshine over nearly 9 years of marriage, all by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, and to the glory of the Father in Heaven. They don't have letters placed behind their names meriting them worthy of  your listening ear, but they live their lives vulnerably and honestly, allowing the gracious hand of God to mold them, change them, and renew them. One of their favorite ways to learn about God and about the world is through the life and experiences of others, so why not go sharesies and learn from each other? Stick around and start a conversation; they would love to learn from you.


This is Laura.

She's an idea addict while simultaneously feeling prisoner to the demands of rearing little people. What to do with all of these ideas: books to write, small businesses to start up, inventions to patten? Slowly but surely she is learning to lean into the slow rhythms of grace, and that there is peace and joy to be found in the present calling. These days it is seeking the One who ransomed her heart before she ever knew it needed ransoming, the one who pursues her heart daily (even when she is less than pursuit-worthy), and the two that stole her heart from the moment she heard their little hearts beating. An extroverted introvert always looking for ways to stay connected, she loves meeting people and looking for the touch of God in every story. She has been given this gift of writing and teaching, for reasons she has yet to discover, and is on continued pursuit of just what it is He wants her to do with it. Her greatest hope is that He would be found by others through her own pursuit of Him--that through vulnerably sharing and learning, others might come to know Him deeper and follow Him with greater surety in who He says He is. At the end of the day, every breath is the souls pursuit of Home--our intended and Eternal glory with the One who created us. For the latest from Laura you can find her on Instagram: @iamlauraferg


This is Thomas.



This is Malachi & Hazel.

Miracles of God--they are the two most-frequented vessels by which God chooses to reveal His truth to Laura and Thomas. They are fierce and kind, spirited and full of the most pure and honest love. They are nothing like what Laura or Thomas expected their children to be like, and yet they couldn't imagine two kids more perfect for them.