The Disciples Table


They broke bread together in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts...

We believe there is healing that happens around the table. We believe there is repentance and mercy and an invitation into the forgiveness of Christ found when we gather at the Disciples table. You see, each one of us, the lovers of Christ, are too His disciples, and when we invite the broken, the hurting, the poor, and the needy into our homes, we invite them to the table of God. We invite them to meet with the One who offers them the purest and truest forgiveness and mercy available.

We are the ones chosen to extend the invitation--to open up our homes and our hands to those who are looking for God in their most vulnerable places. When we invite them to our table we tell them of our God who has prepared a place for them at His. And that is why we are creating tables for you--the hands and feet of Christ.

We believe in the gift of prayer and prophecy, and we believe in the blessing given by God when we come expectant. So with each table made by our hands, there is prayer poured out and over each part and piece. With each table sent out, there is the prophetic belief that healing and redemption will happen around this table. And with each table there is the invitation to cultivate the kind of community God had in His heart when He displayed it through the life of His Son and those He broke bread with.

No matter the age, the color, the talent or occupation, or the gender--fellowship in Christ with glad and sincere hearts.

We would love to get one of our tables into your home. 

If you believe in this message--if you are the disciple who wants to see the church lived out in your living room and the miraculous power of God ransom lives in your very own home, then we invite you to join us in this gathering at the Table. 

  • Each table is handcrafted with "over-looked" wood, bringing full circle the reality that we, the cast-aside, were indeed chosen by the King.
  • Each table is stained with chemical-free oils, allowing for a safe environment for your loved ones (and little ones).
  • Each table comes with our prophetic prayer inked on the bottom, so that it will never just be a "piece of furniture" but will forever be an invitation into the Kingdom of God here on earth.

We cannot wait to see what God does around your table.



(This coffee table is made of cedar planks, and stained with an oak danish oil. You can find it listed in our Ferguson Family Shop. Local buyers only unless contacted personally.)


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